Short overview of the history of „Roth Cameo“
The present company Roth Cameo looks back on a long standing tradition of professional experiences with gemstones. Already the great-great-grandfather Philipp Roth worked as an agate cutter in Idar during the 18th century; his son August Roth continued this arts and crafts tradition and his father Walter Roth was a highly esteemed diamond cutter from 1907 till 1957. Dieter and Andreas Roth are both master craftsmen in gemstone engraving and are successfully specialized in the making of large cameos, unique engravings, portrait engravings and extraordinary gemstone-objects.
More than 30 years Dieter Roth was a member of the audit committee for journeymen and masters of the Chamber for Industry and Commerce Idar-Oberstein as well for the Chamber of Crafts Idar-Oberstein. Andreas Roth even first gained the first place in Rhineland-Palatinate with his test piece at the end of his apprenticeship and later on he became federal winner. Both of them, Dieter and Andreas, managed the leap from craftsman to established artist.
Idar-Oberstein is the city where the globally recognized gemstone engraving master Richard Hand lived and worked. Dieter Roth has been an apprentice of this master and has worked for more than 15 years in his company. Andreas Roth followed this tradition which can be found from Hahn to August Rudolf Wild, and he has the intention to continue it successfully in the meaning of his ancestors.