gemstone engravings according to J.F. Millet, engraved by Dieter Roth The Winter, agate plate, black-white 189 x 120 mms Angelus, agate plate, red-white 192 x 132 mms  
Bible in stone, big cameos by Dieter Roth 1986 – 1998 Expulsion from paradise according to Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, agate plate, black – white 178 x 143 mms  Last supper according to Gustave Dore`, agate plate, brown – white 209 x 192 mms  
Cameos, sunken and embossed relief, antiquity and modern times, engraved by Andreas und Dieter Roth, 1998-2002   20 different motifs according to ancient engravings, antiquity and modern times   13 further motifs  
William Shakespeare Homage in gemstone, big cameos by Andreas and Dieter Roth 2003 – 2008       Romeo and Juliet Balconery scene in Verona, agate plate, red-white-red 135 x 195 mms   A Midsummernight's Dream: Deeply in love, Bottom with donkey's head falls asleep in the arms of Titania, agate plate, red-white 210 x 200 mms        
Dieter Roth appreciation by Andreas Roth and Armin Peter Faust   Adam and Eve, graph. crystal engraving total size: 20 cms, approx.   Heaven and hell, red-black agate, 75 x 70 mms antagonism between „Heaven and Hell“ represented in Faust.  
Such Capable Hands by Pat Robinson SchmidtMaster gemstone carver Andreas Roth at work  "Anadyomene" agate plate black-white 207 x 135 mms